Monday, 2 March 2009

20 something in the city…

{A Labour graduate’s perception of the credit crunch.}

Am I the only one sick of hearing that word or what, I can believe how ridiculously out of control this whole economic crisis situation has become. I have decided to speak up as a 20 something year old graduate who feels as if her voice is one of the few 400,000 graduates that have emerged from the education system this previous year.
Having left university in Bournemouth I managed to find a job as a receptionist, but the living costs where too high and I decided to return home swiftly to London with my tail firmly tucked between my legs.

That word used to hold such warmth and inviting familiarity until you realise that your stuck there and can’t escape because the government cleverly managed to lull young college leavers into going to university, with a sense of security wrapped around them about stable well paying jobs after 4 years of slogging your guts out that could guarantee that you wouldn’t end up in that oh so familiar and warm place called home (or better known as your mum and dad’s house) when you had completed your education and were so ready to move into the next stage of your life as a young adult.(This would include, moving into your own space!)
Home was supposed to be a place to go to for Sunday dinners and for chats with mum/dad over a cup of coffee about how annoying your new boss is and whether or not you should paint your walls magnolia or burgundy red, now we’re stuck in this place and all that warmth has disappeared, that familiarity has become too familiar and there seems to be no more doors marked as exits.
OK I know that it may seem as if I’m dare I say it….ranting….but I honestly feel as if I have been betrayed by “The system”. New Labour encouraged my year group of college leavers to go to university, promised us that jobs would be waiting at the finish line, that dreams and goals were just within our reach, that we could be something in society, make a name for ourselves, stake our claim within our careers! NOT working in factories or cleaning offices or even sitting at home waiting for benefits to be deposited into our bank accounts while we scour the Internet for any kind of position available that the city slickers that have been made redundant (because of the stupid crunch) haven’t already scooped up.

Scrapping the bottom of the employment barrel seems to be the only source of income that we graduates could hope to find, two words…HOW DEPRESSING! The word depressed seems to be the state of mind that most graduates I have been in contact with are in, most of my friends through the beauty of social networking (facebook) have exposed their current “state of mind” through their regularly updated statuses, which seem to be leaning swiftly towards the negative side rather than the upbeat optimistic statuses that facebook users one churned out. The kids are unhappy why can’t anyone take notice!!!
All the activities we used to revel in seem to have taken a downward spin, shopping, partying even the act of going to the cinema has become unaffordable. (The embarrassment of standing in a ticket line counting pennies for a very over priced and very underrated film seems to be a poignant image stuck in my head.) The fact that our student overdrafts now turned graduate accounts (much difference that makes since there is clearly no funds being deposited) seem to give no lee weigh to the aftermath of university and the likelihood of joblessness, we’re truly STUCK!

So what’s the big plan of action? What’s the big revolt? What are we doing for ourselves to make this situation change or at least to have some kind of plans for our futures? What is the government doing to make this situation better? Is it enough?
I definitely think not! I also think that young graduates are probably sitting at home wallowing in self-pity rather than banding together and truly questioning the government’s methods. They promised us a future now its been snatched from us before we could even taste it. There wasn’t even any pre-warning so that at least students could begin to save or prepare for what was to come.
We will soon be welcoming a new set of graduates in 2009 plus the old ones of 2008 into a rolling on spiral of endless disappointment and bottom of the barrel jobs, what will be the plan then? I can personally only see two options, we all sit at home and collect benefits or we go out and make money in a way that is probably not so appealing to our nation. Neither of these options should be an option!
If something is not done eventually will we have a choice with the methods we chose to provide for ourselves? Has the government thought about that? They have worked so hard to prevent the rise of crime in Britain, especially when related to money issues, what a waste it would all have been if young people begin to resort to methods that put the nations welfare in jeopardy one again. (Do we ever learn!)

We need to find a light at the end of this dangerously dark tunnel; we need to find our voices and make sure their heard. Since the 1960’s young people have always been known to fight for their rights just look back at our parents in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s all the movements they carried out to make their voices heard. I f they can do it, what’s stopping our generation, WE are the future and that knowledge is power if we use it well, but if we discard it and choose to wait for the recession to be over (God only knows when at this rate) then we are truly GIVING UP.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Sadie my Sadie!!!

I have been watching 90210 and The game,I am all caught up and we have alot to talk about!!!!

If you don't watch these,pls pls pls, make your life worth it, catch these two series on you tube!


It's alot,It's alot! I'm back!

OMG......I am back from the Motherland and back on this beautiful blog,ok ok, so i lied i didn't fill you in before i left....i'm human forgive me:)

So Niger was serious you can check out the pics on my facebook page, was too much fun!!!! My first ever traditional THE VILLAGE!!! 
Now that was alot. I felt dirty for a week straight, it didn't matter the amount of baths i had, i couldn't wash that village smell and feel off of me, it was very as jojo would say EMOTIONAL!!!!

But I have to say Lagos was SEEEEERRRIOUUUUSSSS!!!!! The ravin was RAW, Nigerins know how to get it down mehhhnn!!!!!! Was bare jokessssss

But now I'm bck in Londondizzle feeling slightly down with the special weather.... SNOWDAYYYYYYYYYYYYY was amazing, haven't seen that much snow in about 18 years or so, could not believe it, or how cold it cheeky neighbour tricked me into playing in the snow cos her lazy arse couldn't be asked to go outside in the cold, was not impressed(she's lucky her kids are cute)!
But the rain we're going through right now is abysmal(look it up if your confused, i'm no longer the human dictionary i've decided).

Well i guess i've been putting it off for long enough, I should update you on me and boy*s....
Before i went away we planned to start "afresh" when i returned, and of course he was true to his word FOR A WEEK!!!!! then he was back to his old ways....oh joy.. what is with some man dem, i just don't get it?????  But the biggest thing that has truly surprised me about my self was that I BROKE UP WITH HIM...hahahahaha he can take that! I couldn't believe it when i did it, i'm so used to being a pushover sometimes for guys(and i'm sure most of you ladies out there can relate, don't try and deny it!)but i did it, i left him.....the problem is....(u kno it can't be that easy)...i kinda sorta maybe broke up with him by text, and i kind of haven't heard from him since, so i don't know if its official if the other party hasn't acknowledged the break up,so i am a little perplexed but i'm sticking to my guns this time,even if i get a reply asking for a 5th chance (i have been keeping count!) i will say NOOOOOOO!!!!!

So that's the boy*s saga over,maybe there will be a new boy saga soon,but i guess we'll have to wait and see.

On the PR front though, things have been sloooowwwwww! Myself and my partner need to get our butts in gear and start moving especially while this crappy credit crunch is still going on, before other companies realise their not so safe after all,HAHA!

When something more worth it happens,u guys will be the first to know!

Well i've gotta dash (story of me life!) but will be on here soon,how soon you ask? i can't answer that because i dont wanna! cos i hate lying to you blog,i really do! its all love!



Saturday, 3 January 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year

OK ok ok, I know it's alot late and I know i've been neglectful, so Happy New Year!!!!!! I'm so sorry blog, I refuse to ignore you like this again,so ummmm.... alot has happened at the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009, I do have alot of updating and catching up to do, as my life has been a slight whirlwind, so watch this space...oh by the way for all of my faithful readers if there are any of you left hehehe!!! I'm off to Nigeria for 2 weeks, so this is my pre warning, but will fill everyone in on what's been going on before I go, so you all have something to keep you going while I'm away.

Love u all...xxxx...


Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Money Money Money!!!

"The LOVE of money is the root of all evil", so what is the need of money then, what is that the root of? All brokeness?

We colour me red and push me in a ASDA trolley, cos sometimes there is such a fine line that your never always sure what side your standing on.

Sorry I've been a while folks!!!!

Will be back real soon.



Sunday, 7 December 2008

They grow up so quickly

I can't believe how quickly kids grow up, they seem so mature for such young ones, i've got a cousin who is 16 and you would never believe it with the things that she comes to me with, I just had a two hour convo with her, explaining to her that guys don't always mean what they say, and she tried to give me every kind of excuse or justification in the book, but thank god eventually she saw reason(she is actually quite a smart girl) it's just so worrying sometimes cos these younger boys sound even more skilled than the older guys, I feel like some of them could speech me sometimes, its just a joke!

Talking of speeching boys, myself and boy*s have progressed....I WISH! Still I have had no response and so I have decided to take official action over my emotions, and declare to myself that it is OVER.....It's so easy to say these things don't you think????

But seriously I am hurting but I will have to get over it, I had an amazing talk witha friend of mine on friday about the men in our lives, and how crap they are, and i think collectivley we have come up with some amazing realisations. Something in particular that i have told like 3 people since she told me it(including my mother for some reason),even if you don't read the bible this is still quite interesting.... if you look in genesis chapter 3 verser 16 it says"I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth children.Your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you." Ok now I know this may seem a bit random, but my understanding of child birth is that it was painful then and it still is painful now,this leads me to believe that the second part of the verse is quite true today aswell, i'm sure women always wonder why why why do we always let guys get away with shit! Ladies I think I have found the answer....we can't help it!!!!! It has been decreed from above!!!!IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT!!!!! LOL! Well I'm not really sure it's not our faults or been decreed, but this is a pretty good jsutification, women desire men, to the point that we keep taking them back or keep taking their shit, and we let them rule over us because we keep letting them get away with their shit, and you know what the worst thing is, i can't find anything in the bible taht says it works the other way around, yep that's right I think men are IMMUNE from this particular punishment, they seem to come off alot better than we do most of the time when it comes to relationships, now i'm not trying to be a guru or anything, but i think with this lil piece of info, my two cents are a little worth, but hey I'm not here to rant like i say all the time, I'm just sharing the knowledge!!!

So boy*s has in effect "ruled" over me for a bit, but now i refuse to let him continue to "rule" over me in the aftermath of all the foolishness, that's gonna be a struggle cos, it's really hard not to pick up the phone and call, but it's getting easier and easier, to be honest I'm more worried about if he does call and if i fall back into the whole thing's not that easy being a strong woman...i really do realise taht so much more now...

So the boy*s episode is over for now, I 've got a really weird feeling taht something else might be coming along though, i guess I'll just have to see, and for sure I'll the blog updated!So keep reading....xxxx

Oh yeah! update on the PR side of things...

Right so you know we've named ourselves (coccoa pr, for those of you who have tuned in late) we now have business cards and a website in the making soon to be advertised on this blog, so check it out when it gets here :)

I also just found out that this blog is actually being read, jojo, thanks for the support, pls check out his blog,, it is so worth the read infact, he inspire dme to start this very blog of my own, i love u jojo!!!!!

All my love guys,



The wrong way round!

A friend of mine told me the funniest story today, she was walking around her local shopping centre and saw a guy she has had a secret crush on for donkey years(hehehe!!!) well what i'm about to tell you will make sur ethat he never forgets her! My dear friend spotted the guy, and started to get "happy"- see girls when you see a guy u like stop with this excitement business, WE ARE NOT 16 anymore, this only serves the purpose of getting us in trouble, as my good friend will justify because as she spotted him, he spotted her, but was in a more sensible position than she was "SITTING DOWN" this guy waved to her and smiled(damn boys and their sexy smiles...grrr...) and what did my friend do, she waved and smiled right back and promptly walked into a door....and just whne you think it couldn't get any worse, the motion made a bang so loud that most people in the vacinity heard and turned to look, and probably point and laugh. Now myself and my friend laughed over this, but don't get it twisted she was mortified, hahahahaha, and she didn't even turn back to see if the guys saw(or heard) cos that would probably have been even more horrifying than the act itself. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well that's me sorted for the rest of the week!
See ladies men can really turn your head(literally!) THE WRONG WAY!!!